A birds-eye view illustration of 3-D trees, roads, waterfalls, houses, grass and other tiny environmental features.

Courses for the Human Settlements Focus Area

This specialization examines human settlement patterns and their interaction with the environment. Particular emphasis is placed on patterns of development, human movement and migration patterns, as well as environmental impacts. As population increases worldwide, land is increasingly taxed beyond proper capacity. Zoning regulations, suburban sprawl, and uneven settlement that converts fertile agricultural land to other uses have all become major issues within the policy spectrum that must be dealt with to ensure a positive future for the entire world population.


Step 2:  Choose courses for the Human Settlements Focus Option

Choose nine credits from the courses below. Course substitutions are possible; please contact faculty-in-charge.

AM ST 50 The Literature and Lore of Mining
ANTH 45 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 451 Economic Anthropology
ARCH 316 Analysis of Human Settlements: Cities
BIOL 120 (A-C) Plants, Places and People
CED 230 Development Issues in the Global Context
CED 309 Land Use Dynamics
CED 409 Land Use Planning and Procedure
CED 431 Economic Analysis of Environmental and Resource Policies
COMM 408 Cultural Foundations of Communications
COMM 411 Cultural Aspects of the Mass Media
EARTH 101 Natural Disasters: Hollywood vs. Reality
EARTH 106 The African Continent: Earthquakes, Tectonics, and Geology
GEOG 020 Human Geography: An Introduction
GEOG 333 Human Dimensions of Natural Hazards
GEOG 436 Ecology, Economy, and Society
GEOSC 109H Earthquakes and Society
LARCH 60 History of Landscape Architecture
LARCH 65 Built Environment and Culture
METEO 4 Weather and Risk
NUTR 497G Community Food Security
SOC 449 Environmental Movements
SOILS 71 Environmental Sustainability
W F S/ E R M 450 Wetland Conservation

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