A birds-eye view illustration of 3-D trees, roads, waterfalls, houses, grass and other tiny environmental features.

Courses for the Environmental Explorations Focus Area

This specialization scrutinizes the range of debates, practices and possibilities guiding discussions of how to achieve equitable and sustainable development. Global and national discussions are beginning to probe how we can move toward a future where resources are more effectively utilized and the environment is maintained while achieving well being for the whole world. A cross-disciplinary approach is necessary to promote an understanding of these broad discussions.


Step 2: Choose courses from the Environmental Explorations focus area

Choose nine credits from the courses below. Individual course descriptions can be found in Penn State's Bulletin. For the most recent course description and to schedule, visit LionPATH.psu.edu. Course substitutions are possible; please contact faculty-in-charge. 

Social Science Course Options:

AGECO 144 Principles of Organic Agriculture
ANTH 40 Biocultural Evolution
ANTH 146 North American Indians
ANTH 152 Hunters and Gatherers
ANTH 405 Primatology
ANTH 429 Paleoethnobotany
ANTH 432 Environmental Archaeology
ANTH 451 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 456 Cultural Ecology
CED 201 Introductory Environmental and Resource Economics
CED 309 Land Use Dynamics
CED 429 Natural Resource Economics
CED 410 The Global Seminar
CED 431W Economic Analysis of Environmental and Resource Policies
CED 450 International Development, Renewable Resources, and the Environment
ECON 428 Environmental Economics
FD SC/ PHIL 280H Food, Values and Health
GEOG 020 Human Geography: An Introduction
GEOG 333 Human Dimensions of Natural Hazards
GEOG 430 Human Use of the Environment 
GEOSC 451 Natural Resources: Origins, Economics, and Environmental Impact
LARCH 65 Built Environment and Culture
NUTR 497G Community Food Security
PL SC 412 International Political Economy
PL SC 490 Policy Making and Evaluation
R SOC/AGECO 134 Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy
NUTR 430 Global Food Strategies: Problems and Prospects for Reducing World Hunger
SOC 422 World Population Diversity
TURF 425 Turfgrass Cultural Systems

Natural Science Course Options:

AFR 105 Environments of Africa: Geology and Climate Change 
AGECO 122 Principles and Practices of Organic Agriculture
BIOL 220W Biology: Populations and Communities
BIOL 419 Ecological and Environmental Problem Solving
BIOL 427 Evolution
BIOL 435 Ecology of Lakes and Streams
BIOL 436 Population Ecology and Global Climate Change
BIOL 444 Field Ecology of the Central Appalachian Highlands
BIOL 446 Physiological Ecology
BIOL 450W Field Biology
BIOL 461 Experimental Contemporary Issues in Science and Medicine
BIOL 499A Tropical Field Ecology
CHEM 20 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 301 Environmental Chemistry and Analysis 
CHEM 402 Chemistry in the Environment
EM SC 121 Minerals and Modern Society
EARTH 106 The African Continent: Earthquakes, Tectonics and Geology
ERM 300 Basic Principles and Calculations in Environmental Analysis
FOR 308 Forest Ecology
GEOG 110 Climates of the World 
GEOG 115 World Landforms
GEOSC 10 Geology of the National Parks
GEOSC 20 Planet Earth
GEOSC 303 Introduction to Environmental Geology
GEOSC 320 Geology of Climate Change
GEOSC 340 Geomorphology
METEO 4 Weather and Risk
PPEM 120 The Fungal Jungle: A Mycological Safari From Truffles to Slime Molds
R SOC/ AGECO 134 Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy
W F S 408 Mammalogy
W F S 430 Conservation Biology

Arts and Humanities Course Options:

AM ST 50 The Literature and Lore of Mining
ARCH 412 Integrative Energy and Environmental Design
CED 410 The Global Seminar
COMM 408 Cultural Foundations of Communications
COMM 411 Cultural Aspects of the Mass Media
COMM 459 Cultural Effects of Interactive and Online Media
EM SC 150 Out of the Fiery Furnace
FD SC/PHIL 280H Food, Values and Health
GEOG 434 Politics of the Environment
GEOSC 310 Earth History
HIST 428 The Darwinian Revolution
HIST 453 American Environmental History
LARCH 60 History of Landscape Architecture
PHIL 13 Philosophy, Nature and the Environment
PHIL 132 Introduction to Bioethics
PHIL 403 Environmental Ethics
R SOC/ AGECO 134 Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy
SOC 449 Environmental Movements
W F S 440 Natural Resource Public Relations

Individual course descriptions can be found in Penn State's Bulletin. For the most recent course description and to schedule, visit LionPATH.psu.edu.