A birds-eye view illustration of 3-D trees, roads, waterfalls, houses, grass and other tiny environmental features.

Courses for the Environment and Society Focus Area

This specialization provides insights into the debates and challenges about the distribution and utilization of the world’s environmental resources. All people deserve to live in a safe environment regardless of their income, skin color, religion or gender. Yet, many of the poorest people in the world live in unsafe environmental contexts. Research in many different fields of social science, as well as ethical research, is required to understand how to promote and achieve an environmentally just world.


Step 2: Choose courses for the Environment and Society cluster

Choose nine credits from the courses listed below. Course substitutions are possible; please contact faculty-in-charge.

ANTH 456 Cultural Ecology
ARCH 412 Integrative Energy and Environment Design
CED 152 Community Development Concepts and Practice
CED 201 Introductory Environmental and Resources Economics
CED 230 Development Issues in Global Context
CED 309 Land Use Dynamics
CED 409 Land Use Planning and Procedure
CED 410 The Global Seminar
CED 429 Natural Resource Economics
CED 431W Economic Analysis of Environmental and Resource Policies
CEDEV 430 Principles of Local Economic Development
E R M 210 Environmental Factors and Their Effect on Your Food Supply
E R M 411 Legal Aspects of Resource Management 
EARTH 101 Natural Disasters: Hollywood vs. Reality
ECON 428 Environmental Economics 
EM SC 101 Resource Wars
GEOG 124 Elements of Cultural Geography
GEOG 130 Environment, Power and Justice
GEOG 414 Principles of Applications of Landscape Ecology
GEOG 434 Politics of the Environment
GEOG 436 Ecology, Economy, and Society
GEOG 438W Human Dimensions of Global Warming
GEOSC 109H Earthquakes and Society
GEOSC 310 Earth History
GEOSC 402Y Natural Disasters
HIST 453 American Environmental History
INTAG 100 Introduction to International Agriculture
LARCH 241 Ecological Processes for Landscape Design
NUTR 497G  Community Food Security
PHIL 132 Introduction to Bioethics
R SOC 011 Introductory Rural Sociology
R SOC/AGECO 134 Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy
SOC 423 Social Demography
SOC 450 Justice and the Environment
SOILS 071 Environmental Sustainability

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