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Courses for Energy Resources Focus Area

This specialization offers a glimpse into the emerging technology that exists in the energy sector. As the worldwide supply of fossil fuels diminishes, and the demand for those fuels increases, new energy technology must be developed to power our planet. In recent years, energy sustainability and the use of infinite resources have been considered serious options for the first time. Thus, this focus area employs an interdisciplinary strategy with the goal of educating individuals on a broad-range of emerging technologies in relation to energy resources.


Step 2: Choose courses from the Energy Resources Focus

Choose nine credits from the courses below. Course substitutions are possible; please contact faculty-in-charge.

CED 201 Introductory Environmetal and Resource Economics
CED 429 Natural Resource Economics
CED 431W Economic Analysis of Environmental and Resource Policies
CED 450 International Development, Renewable Resources, and the Environment
EGEE/MATSC 101 Energy and the Environment
EGEE 102 Energy Conservation for Environmental Protection
EGEE 401 Energy in a Changing World
EGEE 464W Energy Design Project
EM SC 101 Resource Wars
EM SC 150 Out of the Fiery Furnace
GEOG 432 Energy Policy
GEOSC 451 Natural Resources: Origins, Economics and Environmental Impact
GEOSC 452 Hydrogeology
GEOSC 454 Geology of Oil and Gas

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