1. Introductory 3-credit course

2. Choose nine credits from ONE of the seven cluster options (A-G)

A. Biodiversity and Ecosystems

B. Environment and Society

C. Environmental Explorations

D. Ideas About the Environment

E. Water Resources

F. Human Settlements

G. Energy Resources

3. Select one additional (3 credit) environmentally related course

4. Take a 3 credit final course

1. Introductory Courses

Select ENV_I 200, an introductory course about the many disciplines and approaches from which people examine the environment, or one of the courses listed below.

(Course substitions are encouraged! Course Substitution Form)

AGECO 121 Plant Stress: It's not Easy Being Green
ANTH 45 Cultural Anthropology
BI SC 3 Environmental Science
BIOL 110 Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity
BIOL 120 (A-C) Plants, Places, and People
CED 152 Community Development Concepts and Practice
E R M 210 Environmental Factors and Their Effect on Your Food Supply
EARTH 2 Gaia - The Earth System
EARTH 100 Environment Earth
EARTH 101 Natural Disasters: Hollywood vs. Reality
EARTH 111 Water: Science and Society
EGEE/MATSC 101 Energy and the Environment
EGEE 102 Energy Conservation for Environmental Protection
EM SC 150 Out of the Fiery Furnace
ENGL 180 Literature and the Natural World
ENT 202 The Insect Connection
ENVST 100 Visions of Nature
FD SC 105 Food Facts and Fads
GEOG 30 Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems
GEOG 110 Climates of the World
GEOG 123 Geography of the Developing World
GEOSC 21 Earth and Live: Origin and Evolution
GEOSC 40 The Sea Around Us
HIST 151 Technology and Society in American History
HORT 101 Horticultural Science
HORT 150 Plants in the Human Context
INTAG 100 Introduction to International Agriculture
MATSE 81 Materials in Today's World
PHIL 118 Introduction to Environmental Policy
PL SC 135 The Policies of Ecological Crisis
R SOC/AGECO 134 Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy
SOC 23 Population and Policy Issues
SOILS 71 Environmental Sustainability
SOILS 101 Introductory Soil Science
W F S 209 Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation