A birds-eye view illustration of 3-D trees, roads, waterfalls, houses, grass and other tiny environmental features.

Courses for the Biodiversity and Ecosystems Focus Area

This specialization prepares a student to learn about the importance of biodiversity in ecosystems. Over the last 100 years, humans have dramatically reduced the biodiversity on the earth primarily through loss of habitat. To reduce the pressure on the world’s biological resources will take political will, scientific research and creativity in planning. A central focus is on developing effective understanding of land management practices that can enhance the prospects for maintaining biological diversity.


Step 2: Choose courses from the Biodiversity and Ecosystems focus area 

Choose nine credits from the courses below. Course substitutions are possible; please contact faculty-in-charge.

BIOL 110 Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity
BIOL 127 Introduction to Plant Biology
BIOL 220W Biology: Populations and Communities
BIOL 417 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 424 Seeds of Change: The Uses of Plants
BIOL 435 Ecology and Lakes and Streams
BIOL 448 Ecology of Plant Reproduction
BIOL 482 Coastal Biology
BIOL 499A Tropical Field Ecology
CHEM 20 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 301 Environmental Chemistry and Analysis
CHEM 402 Chemistry in the Environment
C E 370 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
ENT 202 The Insect Connection
FORT 100S Introduction to Forestry 
GEOG 110 Climates of the World
GEOG 314 Biogeography and Global Ecology
GEOG 123 Geography of the Developing World
GEOG 310W Introduction to Global Climatic Systems
GEOG 414 Landscape Ecology
GEOSC 21 Earth and Life: Origin and Evolution
HORT 101 Horticultural Science
INTAG 100 Introduction to International Agriculture
LARCH 341 Plants, People and Place: Plants in Landscape Architectural Design
METEO 451 Introduction to Physical Oceanography
PPEM 120 The Fungal Jungle: A Mycological Safari from Truffles to Slime Molds
SOILS 101 Introductory Soil Science
SOILS 412W Soil Ecology
W F S 430/ FOR 430 Conservation Biology

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